Polercise Beginner Intro:

Is for women who have never Pole Danced before. This eight week course is for anyone who would like to start from the basics and make their way up. You do not have to have any fitness levels or dance technique. This class is a load of fun for the absolute beginner.

Polercise B1:

Is for those who have completed a beginner course. Students will be adding extensions onto the exisiting moves as well as learning new moves over a 8 week course.

Polercise B2:

Is for those who have successfully completed the beginner 1 course. This course involves learning basic inverted moves as well as a quick introduction to the spinning pole.


Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a full body workout designed to tone, stretch and strengthen your body. Each movement is primarily targeted at the core muscles of the body spanning from your shoulders to your hips. Pilates is suitable for anyone, as each exercise can be modified to suit individual capabilities and comfort levels. By mastering the art of Pilates you can make your workouts more challenging, which will increase your heart rate, burn calories and fat all while leaving your joints free from stress. This is open to all levels and non -students

Mat Pilates can help you……..
Increase flexibility
Improve your Posture
Focus on core strength
Re-sculpt your body
Enhance muscle tone
Help relieve back pain
Flatten post-baby belly
Reduce muscle injury
Improve co-ordination
Enhance sports performance


Aerial Lyra 

The Lyra also known as Aerial hoop is a metal apparatus that looks like a suspended hula hoop, great way to improve strength and flexibility, while giving your body a full workout
no experience or fitness required to join this course

come long and learn some tricks, spins and swings. This is open to all levels no experience required open to the public


Aerial silks

Aerial silks/tissue is a form of acrobats while hanging off a fabric suspended, you will learn how to climb, wrap and suspend from the fabric, you will learn how to gracefully move into moves, beautiful shapes, and poses. Aerial silks is great for strength training, conditioning & flexibility. This is open to all levels no experience required open to the public